Agency Training

Topklass M&H engages in training of agents in various disciplines so they are adequately equipped for the tasks they are going to undertake.

Door to door Delivery Services

Topklass M&H provides Door to Door delivery of packages and imports and also ensure that these packages are kept safe until it reaches your hands.

Car Rental

Topklass M&H provides Car rental services for your various purposes and engagements.

Typesetting & Photocopying

Topklass M&H provides typesetting and photocopying services at our office.

Contact Us

  • Suite 12, All seasons Plaza Beside
    Zenith Bank Gowon Estate, Ipaja Lagos.

  • +962782509592, 07033826693

  • +962782509592, 07033826693

  • topklassmandh@gmail.com