Ticketing & Booking

Air Ticketing

Topklass M&H assists you in booking flight tickets and we ensure that you book these tickets at the best prices available.

Hotel Reservation & Booking

Topklass M&H helps you in making hotel reservations and bookings based on your preferences and your budget. We also ensure that the facilities booked are convinient.

Visa advice

Topklass M&H services assists in getting visas of different countries through our broad and strategic networks.
We assist in getting visas for the following countries:

  1. U.S.A
  2. Canada
  3. Jordan
  4. Japan
  5. Dubai
  6. Turkey
  7. Australia

Contact Us

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    Zenith Bank Gowon Estate, Ipaja Lagos.

  • +962782509592, 07033826693

  • +962782509592, 07033826693

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